CRBN Electrostatic


Cuffie Elettrostatiche over-ear aperte realizzate in magnesio, acciaio inossidabile e polimeri

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Forging ahead with many years of research and development in thin-film technology, and
building on over a decade of ground-breaking headphones, the CRBN Electrostatic
Headphones are here. Using Audeze’s Patent-pending Carbon Nano-Tube diaphragm film,
CRBN offers extreme neutrality, ultra-light weight, and low resonance, coupled with an
amazingly rich bass experience when compared to competing electrostatics. Its proprietary
ultra-thin carbon nano-tube infused diaphragm delivers an unbelievable level of detail and
immersion, so it’s like there’s nothing between you and your music. CRBN’s capacitance is 100
pF including the cable, sensitivity is 101dB. Comes with newly designed leather earpads,
carbon fiber suspension headband, acetate rings and magnesium housing, plus our specially
designed premium electrostatic cable and professional travel case.


Style Open Back Circumaural
Transducer type Push-Pull Electrostatic
Functional Bias Voltage 580 VDC
Electrostatic Capacitance 100 pF (including cable)
Diaphragm type Ultra-thin Custom E42 Carbon Nano-Tube
Transducer size 120mm x 90mm
Frequency response 10Hz - 40kHz
Maximum SPL >120dB
Sensitivity 101dB @ 100 VRMS, 1kHz (at Drum Reference Point)
Wired connection 2.5 meter 5-pin Pro Bias
Housing Magnesium, Titanium and Polished Acetate
Earpad Material Leather
Headband Carbon Fiber and Leather
Weight 300g


Nota: Le CRBN sono compatibili con tutti gli amplificatori da 580 volt di tipo STAX. 

La lista degli amplificatori consigliati è disponibile a questo indirizzo