E20 A/II

Integrato a valvole (6L6), 18 ppc, push pull, trasformatori di uscita e circuitazione selezionati, chassis in alluminio non magnetico, telecomando, silver o grey. Con eventuale sezione Phono.

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Originally conceived in 1995, the original Rogers E20a's raison d'etre was to drive the Rogers LS3/5a loudspeakers to the highest possible sound quality, perfectly blending the ''then'' modern digital era with the pure sonics of Class A and valve technology.Fast forward to 2020 and Rogers have extensively revised the original E20a into the new E20a/ii to perfectly complement the new ''Reborn'' LS3/5a Classic and LS5/9 Classic loudspeakers.Based around the existing circuit and Push-Pull 6L6 output valves, the new E20a/ii has an updated circuit design and still operates in pure class A to provide a vivid, dynamic and wholly musical performance.