Auricolari con tecnologia Magneto Planare, cavo lightning modulo bluetooth, cavo 3,5mm

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The LCDi3 introduces superior resolution and refined acoustical tuning to the award-winning iSINE design. Featuring the design of the LCDi4 together with the low impedance of the iSINE series, the LCDi3 can push up to 130dB with zero audible distortion for a true audiophile in-ear experience.


    • CIPHER Lightning Cable, CIPHER Bluetooth 5.0 Module, and 3.5mm cable all included with each LCD-i3


    • Audeze proprietary DSP preloaded on all CIPHER products for optimized, audiophile-quality sound


    • Massive dynamic range, delivering up to 130dB with zero audible distortion


    • Featuring our new Ear Fins designed to provide a secure fit for ears of all shapes and sizes